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Interview With God

I published this article in Signs of Lie Magazine in 2011. I interviewed a great many people on Signs of Life Radio, but here I let my imagination run amok and I landed the ultimate guest – God. You are welcome to read on and learn from the Creator.

BG – Welcome to Signs of Life, God – it’s a pleasure to have you on the show

God – I know – I’m God, after all

BG – Please let me begin by asking, since we are speaking via the telephone, are you embodied at this very moment?

God – A good place to start, and a question that illustrates a common misconception. One should not think of me in physical terms. In words that you may understand, I am an all-encompassing plane of light, love, energy, and intelligence that created and now permeates all dimensions of existence. Having said that, if it served my purpose to appear in the physical as an old man with a flowing white beard, I could make it happen.

BG – It may be difficult for our listeners to believe that you are truly a loving Creator, especially when they live in a world often filled with hate and tragedy.

God – My creation was just that – a universe of love and compassion. I also created free will, which you decided to use in ways that you saw fit.

BG – But you are God – surely you could have arranged things differently. A world of only love, compassion and happiness perhaps?

God – If I had created such a physical world, how would you know what love truly is? You would have nothing to compare it to.

BG – Just how much of a role do you play in our physical existence? Do you arrange things and make things happen? Why don’t you prevent tragedies, and at the same time seem to perform miracles? How do you pick and choose?

God – Geez, one question at a time, cowboy, and I sense a little anger in your tone. Haven’t you been told that it’s not good practice to question The Creator? Look, I am going to let you in on a little secret – heck, your audience isn’t that big anyways. First of all, and this is going to knock your socks off, your physical existence is random. I designed it that way.

BG – Wait a second, this is big and will shake many of your followers to their core. Are you telling me that our lives and our deaths are not predetermined, and that both good and bad just happens?

God – Bingo!

BG – So, let’s say I am walking in the street and a bus goes out of control and misses hitting me by less than an inch. That’s not you helping me out?

God – Nope. And if that bus did hit you and you died, it would be wrong to say that I wanted you.

BG – So we live in a meaningless world of chaos and random events?

God – Did I say that? I do not interfere in the daily affairs of your physical lives, but that does not mean there is not tre­mendous meaning to your physical existence. Your purpose, although few realize it, is to learn about the true reality and catch glimpses of what awaits you.

BG – You mean the afterlife?

God – Afterlife is a very poor term. Life is a continuum. You move among different planes of existence – everything is life.

BG – Let’s go back a moment - Isn’t randomness by design a contradiction in terms?

God – Only when you think in linear terms and the physical laws of your world. When you have the perspective of reviewing your physical life from other planes of existence, you’ll see more of the design and purpose.

BG – Still not sure how randomness can result in meaning and purpose.

God – Since I created your physical existence, part of me resides in every living organism, from the microscopic to the macroscopic. You, as part of my creation, are an entity of light and energy. What you do not realize is the fact that every time you act in a manner that is either compassionate or loving, you emit sparks of that light. These sparks not only affect other sentient beings but extend to what you would term the “spiritual” world. You may or may not recognize the effects as they happen, but you will be very much aware of these sparks in the realms to come.

BG – Meaning that the way in which we live our physical lives will affect our lives as we move to other spheres of existence?

God – You are starting to get it.

BG – But why not make that known to us now? Could you not vastly improve the quality of our lives?

God – The sparks can only come from your own discovery, learning, insight, and recognition.

BG – Let me address some of the things that are often said. For example, we say “God forbid” this or that, or “God was on his side,” or “God Bless America” – Do these expressions mean anything?

God - Well, if we take them from the top, I don’t forbid anything. I created, but man forbids. Also, it would be silly to say that I am on someone’s side when each and everyone is part of me. Lastly, geography is of no interest to me. Boundaries were created by man in his quest for control, power, and greed. Do you really think that the Creator would favor some people over others? Let me ask you, do you love one of your children more than the other? And while we are on the subject, I do not interact when one of you sneezes.

BG – How about “everything happens for a reason,” and “there are no coincidences”?

God – Ridiculous. You create the reasons and live by their repercussions. As far as coincidences, I rather enjoy watching them unfold.

BG – How important is religion?

God – Religion is an invention of man. I have no use for rules and dogma preached in houses built of brick and mortar. Man already has me within - spirituality is the process of gaining that recognition and acting accordingly. Those who live as if they are connected to the universe, as opposed to being an entity of ego and separateness, will move closer to true bliss and contentment.

BG – Is our physical world, which as you say is ruled by randomness, capable of getting guidance from “non-physical sources?”

God – Of course it is, and you should recognize it by the work you are doing. There are those in the spirit world who are very interested in helping you gain insight into life after the physical experience. You study mediumship, near death experiences, deathbed visions and after death communications - these are all examples of such interaction.

BG – So, let me understand. Even though you do not interfere with our physical lives, some of your creations in the spirit world do? If this is true, then those in the spirit world also have free will?

God – Ah, you are starting to see a little part of the design. Everything is connected and our thoughts and actions reverberate not only in the physical world, but throughout all the realms of existence. Do you really think that the advancements that you have seen in science, technology and medicine were all the result of materialist consciousness? Do you think that the arts are all the result of your own creativity? You have been influenced and inspired by the telepathic thoughts communicated from those that wish to assist you in your journey. I told you earlier that things happen without my interference and coincidences happen all the time. Now is a good time to elaborate. I designed a universe that is all part of one matrix of consciousness and information. All thoughts are transmitted and received throughout this web, resulting in an interconnected universe. If you are thinking of someone you have not seen in a while, and they suddenly appear, this apparent synchronicity is a product of this thought matrix. Thoughts can influence, heal, connect, and change things that you think of as being physical matter. I do not cause events to happen – I only provided the mechanism by which it takes place. Sometimes these occurrences are thought of as miracles, but they are the result of various thought interactions and pathways. Always remember that those in the spirit world are also part of this interconnectedness. The thoughts of those in other spheres of existence travel along the same pathways. It is a mistake to envision these communication routes as spiritual manifestations – it is just the way things work. If you search for meaning in your life it can only be realized by expanding your mind to find the true reality, sending those sparks of love and compassion, and acknowledging that you are part of me.

BG – Thank you God for granting me this interview. Do you have any parting words for those of us who continue to mourn the loss of a loved one?

God - You mourn because you love, and perceive this love as coming to an end – you continue to express and send it, but fear that your love is not received. As God is my witness (I could not resist), I am here to tell you that this love is tangible and continues to be received by your loved ones in a way that is intensified beyond your understanding. Your loved ones live on just as you will. You need to stop thinking of yourselves as your physical bodies, as you have always been and will continue to be entities of spirit and thought. Your thoughts and actions, if they are of compassion and love, will send sparks of light that will warm the hearts of all those you miss so much.

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