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  • Bob Ginsberg

My Knowing Sign

People that know me will tell you that I tend to approach everything as an open-minded skeptic. Even though I have spent the last eighteen years talking about evidence of an afterlife, I always try to find physical explanations for non-physical occurrences. Once things cannot be explained by materialist science, I can then accept them as being evidential of a world we cannot see. When it comes to after death communications, including “signs” from discarnate entities, I am a tough customer to convince. However, on a personal level, sometimes these signs are attached to a knowing feeling that I need not question.

After the passing of my daughter almost twenty years ago, I was fortunate to receive many such knowing signs. However, since my wife Phran passed almost two years ago, the signs have been few and far between. I formulated an explanation for the paucity of signs from her. She knew that I questioned most things, so I reasoned that she was working on some contact that even I could not question.

My wife’s hands were always super soft and warm. I loved it when she would touch me, specifically when she encased my hand in hers. We had a thing. While I was driving, or lying-in bed, I would often reach my hand out to her and stick out my thumb. She would grasp my thumb in her warm hand, and that was soothing to me. I did it so often that she would sometimes get angry with me for being a pest.

For the almost two years since her passing, virtually every time I am driving alone, I reach across to her seat and extend my thumb. I usually verbally ask her to find a way to grasp it. For two years and with endless requests, nothing. Two days ago, I tried it once again. Suddenly, the tip of my thumb started vibrating, and energy currents were running up and down the finger. I was amazed, and verbally expressed my thanks to her. As would be true to her nature, the vibrating did not stop, even when I resumed driving with two hands. It lasted about ten minutes. It was as if she was saying, “There, you got it, now shut up and start believing I am here!”

Of course, I know that people can get tingling sensations in their extremities, and that has happened to me as well. However, this was more than tingling. This was powerful, and I never experienced anything like it in my seventy years on this earth. When you consider the fact that it happened after specific requests, and this ritual was inherent to our lives, I take this as a stunning sign. Way to go, Phran, and thank you!

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