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My Life: Here and There

Forever Family founder Bob Ginsberg introduces his latest book, My Life: Here and There. All profits from Bob’s books are donated to Forever Family Foundation, so here is another opportunity for you to enjoy the book and support the work of the foundation.

Life has always been a mixture of sadness and joy, and the balance between the two often seems skewed in one direction. Bob’s life has been filled with both unspeakable tragedy and glorious moments of profound joy, leaving him to ponder if there is any design, meaning or purpose to this physical existence. The story of his life may at times make you cry, but the tears will be balanced by his hilarious experiences, reflections, and observations. Considering that he once desperately wanted to die, and eventually moving to enjoy a productive life, there is much inspiration to be found in these pages. Living life with the knowledge that permanence is an illusion allows us to learn how to reason less with our brains, and experience more with our hearts.

Due to a twist in this autobiographical journey, the reader will learn a great deal about what comes next after we exit this world. This will require an open mind but will hopefully provide great insight into the question of whether we are inhabitants of a designed or random universe. The prospect of an afterlife has been pondered since the dawn of man. It’s one of the great mysteries of life, but there is clarity if one digs deep.

Heart tickling, heart breaking, heartwarming, Bob Ginsberg takes readers on his lifetime journey of transcending adversities to yet again find joy. MY LIFE, this year's most inspirational book, will surely become an award-winning inspirational film with the author as narrator. - Dianne Arcangel, Author of Afterlife Encounters

Robert Ginsberg’s My Life: Here and There is an excellent reflection of 21st century consciousness shaped by material science—until tragedy completely reshapes his understanding of life—and death. Not only is his life changed, but with his wife Phran, the Forever Family Foundation is formed to bring to thousands of others the scientific and experiential knowledge of the continuation of life after death. Ginsberg never questions this truth, but when tragedy hits again with his wife’s excruciatingly painful death, he fiercely questions the role of seemingly pointless suffering. The brilliance of this book is in the detail. Ginsberg’s ability to open our hearts to life’s deepest experiences challenges us to explore the most profound questions of our existence both Here in the physical world and There in the spiritual dimension. Betty J. Kovacs, PhD, Author of The Miracle of Death: There Is Nothing But Life and Merchants of Light: The Consciousness That Is Changing The World

This gripping narrative of the life of Forever Family Foundation Co-Founder Bob Ginsberg is, at various points, laugh-out-loud hilarious, deeply awe-inspiring, and heart-crushingly tragic. Despite (or perhaps due to) his experiencing the nearly unbearable loss, first, of his teenage daughter Bailey, and later on, his wife, Foundation co-founder, and soul mate, Phran, Bob has managed to perform the alchemy of transforming loss into triumph through the magnificent work of the Foundation, thus uplifting and comforting countless thousands of fellow sufferers of grief. - Mo Therese Hannah, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and College Professor

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