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  • Bob Ginsberg

Which Side of Life Are You On?

I often wonder if progress is being made in changing worldview about the nature of consciousness and the abilities of the mind. It seems to me that there are two distinct schools of thought on these subjects, with little room for middle ground.

In one camp we have mainstream scientists, researchers, medical doctors, and a significant portion of the general population who are convinced that we are simply the product of electrochemical processes in our brains. Neural synapses and related electrical and chemical activities are responsible for our thoughts, reasoning and consciousness, and the essence of who we are resides in our cranium. However, I have never heard a suitable answer from these folks as to how we as bio-chemical automatons can experience love, appreciate art and music, and find inspiration in nature. In other words, how does this model of consciousness explain such subjective experiences? When was the last time that your computer expressed the love she feels for you?

Of course such thinking eliminates the possibility that such phenomena such as ESP, healing, intuition, and life after death could occur. Since mind cannot extend beyond the brain, also eliminated is the possibility that we could be connected non-locally to other entities (both living and dead), let alone a purpose guided universe. Evidence to the contrary is either ignored or dismissed, and the prevailing attitude seems to be, as one scientist once stated, "This is the kind of stuff I wouldn't believe even if it were true."

In the other camp are those of us who believe that we are much more than our physical bodies. Experiences that defy materialist thinking and known physical laws are embraced, scientific data is objectively reviewed, and we are not afraid to openly discuss what we have learned and experienced. We do not accept things based upon blind faith nor what our educators, clergy, or medical professionals tell us to be true. We believe that there are unseen fields of information and energy that connect us all, and there is purpose and meaning to our lives.

So, just as the middle class is being ushered out of the playing arena in society, those on the fence about survival will eventually need to join one of the above camps. The non-believers don't have many motivators for self exploration. The average person in the United States spends about eight hours per day in front of screens. I would imagine that number is as much as double among the younger generations. People go from their computer screens, to TV screens, to smart phone screens, and believe that all the information that they will ever need will always be at their fingertips. Being connected occurs only via the web, and the only obstacle to communication is how close one is to a device. Social interaction and expressive language has been taken over by solo web exploration and internet acronyms. The thought that we might be entangled with other human beings by our consciousness alone never occurs to such people. Furthermore, unless there are smart phones in the afterlife, communication with other realms is a fairy tale.

On the other hand, those who believe in inherent inter-connectedness are always searching for deeper meaning and purpose to their existence. They notice non-physical phenomena and remain open to the likelihood that they are much more than their physical bodies. They believe that communication extends beyond the body in a myriad of ways that materialists cannot even comprehend. They recognize that non-physical communication is sometimes very subtle in nature and it takes a discerning palate of awareness for reception to take place. On the other hand, some etheric signs and experiences are so powerful that they can have life altering results. It is imperative that we all continue to not only remain aware of the evidence, but be willing to share what we know and experience. Reinforcement is important to those who have never been lucky enough to have a life changing afterlife encounter. Non-physical communications can be few and far between, and it becomes a battle for many to not let cynicism take over as they continue to be immersed in the prevailing wisdom of our cultural and scientific experts.

There will soon be no room for middle ground. The world of instant information, artificial intelligence, and brain science are cementing the notion that we are mere biological computers that exist without meaning and purpose in an environment governed by known physical laws. Such thinking ensures the inevitability that we will each become disconnected islands in a physical sea that is devoid of love and compassion. One simply has to look at the state of today’s world to notice that there are very few geographical areas in which there are no wars, conflicts, or civil rights issues. The underlying causes of such strife, including political power, greed, and religious beliefs, result in unimaginable suffering and death due to hunger and disease.

Those sitting on the fence will be forced to join either group and live their lives accordingly. The group that chooses to believe that they are more than their physical bodies will most likely move in that direction due to a personal experience that triggers deep thought. If we believe that we are all connected by thoughts and unseen fields of information, and that these thoughts and resulting actions affect others, we will begin to see a bigger picture. Furthermore, if we are to take heed from near death experiencers and others who have caught glimpses of other realms of existence, we will recognize that our actions directly affect our existence beyond the physical. This happens not as the result of some judge or jury in the afterlife, but by a process of self-reflection as we experience both the positive and negative effects caused by our actions.

If we all begin this process of self- exploration and reflection now, while still in the physical realm, we will begin to see the effects start to take hold in physical manifestations. Our inner selves keep trying to tell us that we are connected and compassionate entities that are part of a loving force, but our rational physical brains often tell us otherwise. I submit that we must pick a side, live our lives accordingly, and eventually we will all see which side was the correct choice.

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