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  • Bob Ginsberg

Born Under a Dark Cloud

We have all heard the expression, and on a personal level I often contemplate the notion that this certainly applies to me. Some people, despite their demeanor, outlook on life, or capacity for love and compassion, appear to simply be unlucky in life. There are many spiritual explanations for the tragedies that befall us, and I do not subscribe to most of them. Despite losing my fifteen-year-old daughter, my wife of forty-six years, and most recently my home being devastated by a hurricane, I tend to believe that all these things are random and not the result of divine providence or karma.

Many of my friends will vehemently disagree with my theory for several reasons. One explanation is that I, in a past life, needed to experience such tragedies to complete my soul. I always remain an open-minded skeptic about most things, but if this is true, I must have been a horrific person in a prior life. Others prefer a to explain such bad luck on Karma, retribution for prior deeds. I like to think that I have led this life with love in my heart, and since I have helped change the lives of some people, I tend to dismiss this theory as well. I have also heard explanations involving the Divine, as God is punishing me and my family for some reason. I dismiss this as well, as it is not consistent with a loving God. I bristle at the remark that “God never gives you more than you can handle, “as that makes no sense to me. If I am being taught a lesson, I have had enough and I surrender.

It appears that some people are just unlucky, and, of course, the opposite is also true. I have published my theory before that life is random by design, and the randomness is part of a greater plan. How we react to all the obstacles and tragedies that occur affect our self-judgment and existence in the realms to come. Nothing has swayed me from this opinion, and I continue to live my life the best I can because there is no choice. I doubt that my luck will change, but there is always hope.

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Oct 30, 2022

Bob, here is my extended commentary—my meditation—on your very thoughtful post:


John Doe
John Doe
Oct 17, 2022

I am so sorry to hear of your losses. I myself have had one loss after another last year and then this year. Some will discount my first loss as they may not count the loss of a pet as equal to that of a human. But I believe that love is love whether it be between humans or between a human and an animal. On Signs of Life Radio I was fully reminded that dogs are closest to God. Just read the spelling in reverse. They do not come here necessarily to learn but to be a source of love for the human companion. And a teacher of unconditional love. As far as these losses, whether it be of…

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