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  • Bob Ginsberg

Can We Connect to Unseen Realms? Why Not?

We can discuss all of the evidence for life beyond physical death and we can share all of the personal experiences that people have, but in reality the belief in such things comes down to the intangibles. Even though all of the surveys show that a majority of people believe in life after death, a large percentage of this group will also tell you that they have never received any such evidence, despite an inner desire to be recipients of personal proof. To their credit they remain open minded and replace the lack of evidence with faith based hope, which suffices to a certain degree.

We often discuss the possible reasons why some people receive after death communications and some do not. We have many possible explanations, all hypotheses that may or may not be true. Simply wishing for contact does not seem to be a reliable tool in fostering such communication, even though some report that sending specific requests to their loved ones in spirit have resulted in a direct communication. One wonders why this doesn’t happen more often. Might it be that our brains get in the way? When we discuss the ways in which the mind can act independently of the brain, one theory is that our brains act as a filter for fields of information that surround us and continuously attempt to get through. Without such a filter we would not be able to navigate the physical world, as we would be bombarded by communication and information that we could not assimilate or stop.

F.W. Myers, one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research in 1882, believed that a barrier or membrane exists that separates us from the higher realms that house the discarnate world, which is where our higher self, spirit or soul reside. Some people, under certain circumstances, can pierce this permeable membrane, and this could explain inspiration, spirituality, and discarnate contact


Perhaps we all exist as a part of our higher selves with feet firmly planted in all realms simultaneously, whether or not we are consciously aware of the big picture. Is it possible that we are all able to seep through this barrier, actually do it on a regular basis, but remain unaware? Although we tend to think of discarnate communication as an individual endeavor, I remain open to the possibility that there are universal membranes that encase planets, solar systems and galaxies that serve as dividers between dimensions. Although these barriers can be breached by certain individuals, it is the combined effort that presents a more effective mechanism. It is likely that synergistic thought or mass collective emotions such as love, empathy and compassion are the keys that will open the doors to recognition of the knowledge that our ancestors knew as truth. When a tipping point is reached, separation of physical and non-physical realms might become unnecessary.

There were times in our history when the barriers were extremely thin. If we read about the history of the Mystery Schools and shamanic culture that flourished in the Stone Ages, we learn that the experiences among masses of people transcended the physical realm. The religious leaders that are worshipped today were products of this culture and understood that it was part of our inherent purpose to transcend the mundane and take a participatory role in the greater universe. Unfortunately for us all this knowledge was lost when the organized religions that followed imposed rules and dogma based upon power, greed, and political climate. One could only imagine where we would be today if we had, as scholar Dr. Betty Kovacs writes in Merchants of Light, ….”knowledge that we are immortal, divine and creative.”

Just as geographical boundaries are imaginary lines imposed by those who seek control and separation, we may be imprisoned by dimensional boundaries that are merely a product of our education and conditioning in what represents our true reality. Perhaps when our collective consciousness shifts to a new paradigm we will one day reflect upon the primitive nature of our prior thinking. Not only will we view ourselves as being connected to all that surround us, but physical location will have little to do with non-local communication. The irony will be striking as we come to realize that our ancestors, who we once referred to as primitive thinkers, were actually guides that tried their best to keep us on the right track. We have surely regressed in that regard, but perhaps this is simply the cyclical nature required for the evolution of consciousness. If we choose to regard the universe as being inherently intelligent and creative, then the dimensional barriers that cause the illusion of separateness will continue to thin by evolutionary design.

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