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  • Bob Ginsberg

Hallucination or Communication?

I was watching the news the other night and Chris Cuomo was doing his show from the basement of his home. It was somewhat compelling television, as Chris was in the deep throes of Covid-19 and describing what it was like. He related that he was running a consistently high fever that spiked at night, causing his body to shiver so much that he actually cracked a tooth. He then described something that caught my attention. During the night he saw his deceased father sitting on the bed next to him, and even engaged in some conversation with his dad.

Of course Chris explained to his viewers that he knew the reason for the visions he was having, as they were hallucinations brought on by the high fever. That is most likely true, as the medical community knows that elevated temperatures can cause hallucinations, most likely the result of disruption in the frontal lobe and sensory cortex in the brain.

However, I immediately thought of an alternative explanation. What if the illness affected the same or other parts of the brain, but in a different way? The deviation from normal brain processes might have opened Chris up to reception of information that was normally filtered and never made it to his consciousness. In other words, with his reasoning mind set aside for the moment, perhaps non-physical information (like his dead father’s consciousness) was able to get through.

We know that trauma sometimes triggers after death communication. Near death experiencers have clear and lucid thoughts, as well as visits with deceased loved ones, despite being clinically dead. We also know that other altered states of consciousness, such as meditation and mediumship can also enable such communication.

So let’s not be so quick to chalk Cuomo’s experience to a hallucination. Perhaps it was, but we should remain open to an alternative explanation. Besides, if your child was seriously ill and was wondering how he was going to make it through the night, wouldn’t you try to find a way to visit and comfort him? Even from another dimension we remain part of our loved ones lives.

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May 14, 2021

Wondering why I get the most spiritual communication with my deceased family members when I am in the shower. Does it have anything to do with being in a place with water which is blocking out other electronic signals?


Apr 04, 2020

Could it be that when people run a high fever that the resistance in their brain that needs to explain everything is unblocked and the part of the brain that is perhaps more primitive, the part that is more free in expression, less critical the part that is more childlike gives the brain the ability to be free of restrictions, and therefore able to communicate.


Apr 04, 2020

Bob, I agree. As I have noted somewhere in past writings, many of renowned mediums of yesteryear developed as mediums after some serious illness, probably one involving a high temperature. They had many more diseases in those days and I suspect that is one reason they had more trance mediums than we have today. Of course, the primary reason seems to be that they had more quiet time than we have, i.e., no electronic gadgets to focus on. They sat in front of fire places or on the porch, stared into the flames or at the stars, and at some point achieved altered states of consciousness, which they recognized and developed.

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