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  • Bob Ginsberg

The Past Is Gone: Or Is It?

The nature of time has been debated for centuries, but recent discoveries in physics have brought about a renewed interest. Time is no longer thought of as being linear and it is suggested that the accepted progression of past, present and future needs to be reevaluated. In fact, it is theorized by many scientists that all three exist simultaneously across many dimensions, and a few scientists believe that it is theoretically possible to develop technology that would enable us to move freely to different points in time. The suggestion is that once an event has passed, it continues to exist in other dimensions. In addition, what we perceive as happening now, as well events yet to happen, are only illusions. Perhaps from a different perspective we can see all of these fragments occurring at the same time, but the restrictions of the physical world prevent such vision. It is a concept that many cannot even fathom, as our material roots run deep.

The discussion of time does not normally come up in conversations about bereavement, but I suggest that it is at the very core of grief, even if we are not consciously aware of the role it plays. Whether we lost a loved one due to an accident or illness, many of us are plagued by time associated feelings. Usually our thoughts are focused on being able to go back in time. If I were able to go back in time I could have prevented the accident from occurring. Or, I could have reacted differently and stopped the onset or progression of the illness and resulting treatment. Or, I could have taken different action and prevented a suicide. The guilt can be suffocating as we replay life events in our mind.

Might we all have the ability to be time machines? Maybe that helps to explain why those who we perceive to be dead can still communicate. They died only in what we are convinced to be the past, but they are actually very much alive in the present. Maybe consciousness has nothing to do with a sequence of time, and it simply always is and does not reside in one particular place at one particular moment in time.

Non-physical phenomena transcend time and space. Remote viewers travel to distant targets, regardless of whether the target exists now, did in the past, or will in the future. Near -death experiencers report being in multiple places simultaneously. People communicate with and are visited by deceased loved ones after the loved one has physically died. People who report having past lives are still able to recall the prior incarnation with great clarity. Research such as the Global Consciousness Project has shown that masses of people subconsciously become aware of significant events before they actually occur.

I know of a case where a medium was connecting a woman with her deceased mother. During the reading the mother communicated through the medium that shots were being fired, four shots and three were killed. Despite the message making no sense when given, moments later sirens were heard outside the medium’s home, and it turned out that a neighbor returned to the home of his ex-wife and fired four shots, killing three family members. All of these things would not be possible if time were linear.

It is most likely that our deceased loved ones continue to try to make us aware that both time and death are illusions. Real time information is often communicated through mediums, but so is information from past events as well as happenings that have yet to occur. We also have many examples of time anomalies in our physical world. Dreams sometimes provide precognitive information and “gut feelings” often dictate actions that are not based upon logic or our physical senses. Synchronicities appear to be time related, where seemingly separate occurrences come together at a specific time to form meaning. It is as if the universe makes order out of randomness, momentarily transcending physical laws.

Maybe scientific exploration will someday result in technology that will allow us all to move throughout time at will. However, I find it more likely that advances in consciousness research will provide the mechanism by which we can accomplish the same thing. Our minds have limitless potential. Throughout the ages seers, oracles, adepts, shamans, mystics, and mediums have been able to move freely through the perceived barriers of time and space. Time machines must have seemed to be such a silly concept. Why build machines when the secrets lie within?

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01 abr 2020

Bob, many good points. With our current quarantine, I have lost track of time. I'm never quite sure what day of the week it is or what the date is. :)

Me gusta
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