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  • Bob Ginsberg

Surviving Death and The Medium Explosion

The long awaited Netflix Documentary Series, Surviving Death, is now streaming. My wife Phran and I, as well as Forever Family Foundation, are featured in episode 4. Phran crossed to the other side in September, well after filming was complete. It was very emotional watching her on the big screen and I didn't try to hold back my tears. However, I was happy that so many people will get to see her again for one last time. I was pleased with the content of the series and it will go a long way in opening many eyes to the possibility that we are more than our physical bodies.

My new book, The Medium Explosion, has now been published. I address the fact that most practitioners cannot do what they claim and advise how one can discern the good from the bad. I answer many of the most commonly asked questions about the whole process of communicating with the dead, and I have also included many personal accounts that I believe are backed up by the research:

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I'm enjoying the book "The Medium Experience" very much as a therapist. At

the moment I am surveying psychics and mediums - a 5-10 min - ten-question survey to ascertain from them how they receive their information through the spiritual centers of their physical bodies using the vagus nerve. What I am finding is that most of them, so far, don't really understand how this process works but their comments are very interesting. I have been told that most people don't care about this knowledge - how it happens - but as a therapist I have explained to my clients how the unconscious seems to work. This info has helped many of them do their "work" faster and better beca…



Enjoyed both the book and the Netflix series, Bob. Your contributions to the cause are much appreciated.

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