• Bob Ginsberg

Tuning In

One of the advantages of living on an island with tropical weather is that when I need to clear my head (which is daily), I can sit on the deck overlooking the lake and immerse myself in nature. The scenery and the sunrises are breathtaking, but what is astounding are the sounds. I simply tune in to the symphony of the birds. I have no idea how many species of birds surround me, but their communications are all purposeful. At the same time, you can hear singing, mating calls, conversations, warnings, and joyful playfulness. All vary in pitch, frequency, repetitiveness, and loudness, and I wonder if their communications are meant only for those within their own species, or if they are understood by all.

By tuning into this often-hidden world I am struck by the fact that so many of us remain oblivious to the things that surround us. It is not easy to quiet a mind that is dominated by the stresses of daily life. We sure miss a lot.

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