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  • Bob Ginsberg

What Would it Take?

I was watching a movie the other day, and the premise was that a monumental meteor was going to destroy the Earth in 24 hours. Everyone on the planet knew that it would be their last day on Earth, and all reacted in different ways. You would think that an impending cataclysmic event would be the one thing that brought people together – people of all countries, cultures, religions, etc., all focused on each other without ego, greed, and jealousy. But, of course, that is not what happened.

This led me to wonder what it would take to unite all people and forever change belief systems. Such beliefs are based upon ego, greed, compassion, religion, education, ignorance, cultural and societal influences, and a whole host of other factors. It has always been this way and not much has changed through the ages. Instead of thinking of ourselves as connected divine sparks of light (or part of the same Big Bang), so many believe that each person stands alone, disconnected from each other and not part of any unifying force.

During my lifetime I have seen many catastrophes that resulted in mass deaths, whether they came from man-made actions or natural disasters. These events were followed by periods of people coming together as they showed compassion and brotherhood in the aftermath. But alas, these emotions are always short lived, and we revert to the way that we were before. I wonder what it would take for us to maintain that sense of community.

I imagine what it would be like if entities from alien worlds started making open appearances, perhaps landing crafts in spots that are densely populated areas across the globe. If these beings communicated their evil intentions, undoubtedly panic would set in, which would lead to anything but unity. However, if they demonstrated their desire to help us, perhaps improve our technology and cure disease, there would be much joy and celebrations. Except for the skeptics, who would start arming themselves. No unity here either.

People who do not believe in a higher power are sometimes asked what it would take for them to absolutely believe in God. The answer that I hears most often was if God made an appearance for all to see. Would God’s words be enough to convince everyone? If God started performing miracles, would that be enough, or would some claim these to be magic tricks or a conspiracy to deceive us?

When it comes to the possibility of life after bodily death, many demand proof as they adamantly declare that none exists. However, I always found it interesting that most people in this world firmly believe in a higher power, without proof, based purely on faith. Modern day scientists have been studying various phenomena as they accumulate evidence that our consciousness survives after the body is gone, and the evidence is compelling, but far from proof to many. So, is there absolute proof of anything? In the legal system proof is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” One can only review the established evidence and pay attention to experiences that are non-physical in nature. It then becomes an internal vs. external process, as one comes to a belief based upon not only the evidence, but what is felt in the heart.

Can the question of “What would it take” ever be answered? My fear is that so many have become entrenched in their own political ideologies, belief systems, religious convictions, and intolerance for others that acting as connected inhabitants of this planet is not going to happen anytime soon. If you look at Earth from outer space you don’t see different kinds of people, boundary lines, or poor and rich, only a spinning orb of beauty. A speck in the vast universe, suspended in the infinite. You would think that this would be enough for people to function as a united community, but I suppose our insanity will continue until we figure out what it takes.

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