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Thoughts Transcending The Physical

Beyond The Five Senses is a blog written by Bob Ginsberg, Forever Family Foundation Founder.  It is dedicated to the exploration of consciousness and the fact that we are more than our physical bodies.

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Transforming Grief

I am years behind the times when it comes to binge watching past TV shows, but I am currently watching Westworld. I am only on the second...

Where is the Thrill?

I recently taught my 7-year-old grandson Henry to play poker and he enjoys it. This makes sense to me, as it is not only his grandfather...

Advertising vs. real life

I never watched the series Mad Men when it aired years ago, but I recently did and now realize why it was so popular. It was of...

Why Do We Feel The Need To Conform?

We spend a good part of our lives trying to change people into what we perceive they should be, as opposed to recognizing and...

Personal Choice or Insanity?

My grandson started second grade a few weeks ago in the State of Florida, which happens to be ruled by a Governor who believes that Covid...

The Illusion of Death

From the moment we are born into this physical world the dying process begins. We live in a world of unlimited possibilities, where...

What is Real?

I think that we would all lead fuller lives if we could come to the realization that there is nothing permanent in our physical lives....

Who Do We Blame?

I suppose that it is human nature to assign blame for things that go wrong. We do this in attempts to make sense of the apparent...

A Train Ride

The concept that life is a continuum of existence as opposed to a linear timeline is difficult for many to embrace. The finality of death...

The Curious Case of the Missing Rings

When my wife Phran passed into Spirit we removed the precious rings that she wore for 46 years. Both rings were family heirlooms. The...

That Spark of Life

My dad will be 94 in June and lives by himself in a condo. His body is only a shell of what it once was, but his mind remains sharp. He...

Defining Moments

Those who have suffered the loss of loved ones often reflect on moments they had together with those they now mourn. Some of these...

More Reflections on the Nature of Grief

Having my life blown apart by two separate events, one being the death of my daughter and now the passing of my wife of 46 years, I...

Surviving Death and The Medium Explosion

The long awaited Netflix Documentary Series, Surviving Death, is now streaming. My wife Phran and I, as well as Forever Family...

How Long Will You Be Remembered?

It’s a sobering thought for many, but the reality is that after you die you will most likely be totally forgotten after three...

Are Mediums Spiritual People?

Many people believe that what mediums do is sacred and communication with dead people is a spiritual endeavor. To figure out if these...

So You Are Dead: Now What?

I think about the possibility of life after death a lot. Specifically, how I would react if I found myself birthed into another realm of exi

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A Guide to Navigating the World of Those Who Claim to Communicate with the Dead

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